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Proudcts - Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments

Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors

Sharp pointed tips, curved blades, 108mm long

FS120703 10.5 mm
FS120704 12.5 mm

Vannas Scissors

Sharp pointed tips. Curved 7.5mm blades, 9.5mm from pivot to tip, 82mm long

Fenzel Lens Manipulating Hook

0.15mm diameter. T-shaped tip

FS130201 Angled
FS130202 Straight

Phaco Chopper

Ambidextrous nucleus chopper, tip 1.8mm long. Rounded and highly polished distal tip

FS130713 Straight
FS130714 Curved

Wire Speculum

With 13.5mm long blades, 52mm long