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Proudcts - LASIK Elevators & Smoothers, Markers & Fixations Rings

Corneal Epithelium Spatula

LASIK Corneal Marker

3 bladed

LASIK Flap Manipulator

Features a delicate olive-shaped tip which is used to gently depress the corneal to locate the flap edge, once located engages the edge, with the smoothly polished tip and slides it around the rim to partially open the flap.

Gimbel Stabilization Ring

Offset 13mm diameter ring with 9mm cut out to accommodate the flap hinge. Blunt teeth on both sides for stabilizing either the right or the left eye during LASIK

Moretsky LASIK Hinge Protector Fixation Ring

The protector is designed to fixate the globe during laser ablation, while covering the hinge and flap for complete protection, 11mm inner diameter offers secure fixing of the cornea during ablation without interference. Unique angled protector shields the flap and hinge.