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Proudcts - Cannula General

Posterior Capsule Polisher

Titanium impregnated on posterior surface of olive tip. Front opening, gently curved.

FT190201 25 Guage
FT190202 23 Guage

Air Injection Cannula

Angled 45°shaft, 5mm from tip to bend with polished finish, 27G

Nichamin Hydrodissection Cannula

Curved cannula designed to follow the sclera tunnel incision and anterior lens capsule to provide less deformation of the wound and less loss of the anterior chamber. The unique flattened tip allows for a better fit under the capsular leaflet. 25G

Lacrimal Cannula

23G, cannula with blunt tip, straight shaft

Lacrimal Cannula

23G, cannula with reinforced shaft, straight 10mm tip