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Proudcts - Cannula I/A

FT190101--Simcoe Double-Barreled I/A Unit FT190102--Simcoe Reverse Double-Barreled I/A Unit

Both models feature 23G, thin wall irrigation and aspiration, aspiration through 0.3mm top port with irrigation through side openning, curved shaft, use 28mm of silicone tubing.

Irrigating Vectis

Cannula irrigating vectis, dual fluid flow through to front opening

FT190104--Vukich Irrigating-Aspirating Cannula FT190105--Vukich Reverse Irrigating-Aspirating Cannula

"U" tip irrigation-aspiration cannula designed for manual removal of 12 o’clock cortex, 23G thin wall irrigation and aspiration lines for maximum aspiration capabilities.