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Proudcts - LASIK Forceps

LASIK Multipurpose Forceps

Curved jaws to conform to the curvature of the corneal with spatulated tips and edges to the enter, dissect, elevate and smooth the flap. It offers firm spring action for dissecting during enhancement and smooth inside jaws’ surfaces for grasping the flap. This forceps combines the features of a spatula, dissector and forceps, 115mm long

Perone LASIK Flap Forceps

Enables delicate lifting of the flap without causing any trauma, 2mm rings, 108mm long

Manche LASIK Forceps

Solid oval tips lift flaps for primary and retreatment procedures with the minimal risk of tearing or trauma, 108mm long

Hersh LASIK Retreatment Forceps

Forceps are designed to lift the LASIK flap easily for retreatment avoiding damage to the flap and facilitating a controlled “peel” of the flap from the trauma. Double grip design to avoid bending the flap and facilitate lifting, 108mm long