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HUAIAN FRIMEN CO., LTD. is recognized standard of excellence in ophthalmic surgical instrumentation.

Our goal is to provide products that perfectly match the needs of the surgeons and the ones of their patients. We continue to remain faithful to the quality reputation and name recognition associated with the FRIMEN as a premier manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments.

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Manufacturer :  FRIMEN CO., LTD.
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  • Reusable Titanium

    Reusable Titanium

    Using only the highest quality titanium, our instruments are strong and durable whilst at the same time being very light weight, which is particularly beneficial in helping to reduce fatigue for surgeons when undertaking extended procedures.

  • Disposable Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

    Our instruments cover a complete range of ophthalmic surgical instruments, such as Forceps, Scissors, Needle holders, Hooks and Spatulas, Speculums, Vitreo-retinal instruments, Cataract kits, Glaucoma kits, Accessories, etc.

  • Sterilization Trays

    Sterilization Trays

    FRIMEN is based on designing and producing trays that will assist the user in the handling, sterilizing and storing of surgical instruments. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome and we encourage you to contact us with your special needs.

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Excellent instruments!
They helped a lot in my surgeries.

-- Dr. Jack



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