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Huaian Frimen co., ltd. is one of the biggest ophthalmic surgical instruments manufacturers in China. The factory is located in South Industry Park in Huai'an city. Frimen has several craftsmen with more than 15 years working experience in ophthalmic surgical instrument manufacturing. Some of them used to be dispatched to Britain and came back with advance technique and excellent skill.

Frimen instruments carry a large surgical instruments line for ophthalmology with around 500 regular items. Frimen offers customized instruments for oversea clients which largely enriched our product line. The material we use is medical grade stainless steel and space age titanium. Most of the engineering processes are handmade and inspected with modern testing and measuring tool to make sure of fine ground details and critical dimensional accuracy. In conformity with slow but sure, all procedures under enterprise standard are completed. Recently, many international advanced crafts are introduced which brings new vigor and vitality to Frimen.