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Proudcts - Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments

Straight Tying Forceps

Straight shafts with 4.5mm tying platforms, 108mm long

FS100109 Standard
FS100110 Ultrafine

Straight Toothed Forceps

1×2 teeth, with 5.0mm tying platforms, 108mm long

FS100209 0.12 mm
FS100210 0.01 mm

Utrata Style Capsulorhexis Forceps

Round handle for finger tip rotational control. Iris stop to prevent inadvertant iris capture. 45° angled tips with slim 10mm shafts to fit through phaco incision, without wound tenting. With the guide pin, 105mm long

Azar Needle Holder

Fine, 9mm gently curved jaws, 108mm long

FS110201 Without Lock
FS110202 With Lock

Castroviejo Corneal Scissors

Curved blunt tips, small blades, 105mm long