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Proudcts - Forceps

Girard Tying Forceps

4.5mm tying platforms, round knurled handle with guide pin,

105mm long

FT100113 Straight
FT100114 Curved

Curved Tying Forceps

Curved shafts with 6mm tying platforms,

ideal for 10/0 or 11/0 suture

Overall Length
FT100115 85 mm
FT100116 115 mm

Straight Toothed Forceps

1×2 teeth, with 5.0mm tying platforms, 85mm long

FT100201 0.12 mm
FT100202 0.10 mm

Colibri Toothed Forceps

1×2 teeth, 0.12mm with tying platforms, 85mm long

Overall Length
FT100203 85 mm
FT100204 115 mm

Kelman-Mcpherson Forceps

1×2 teeth, 0.12mm with 5.0mm tying platforms,

10mm angled shafts, 85mm long.